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  • 5 reasons why you should use a silk pillowcase

    Do you wake up with your hair in a tangled mess? Do you often experience hair breakage and frizz? Are you trying to level up your skincare game? A silk pillowcase is definitely a beauty accessory for you to invest in - but how exactly do they help?
  • Curly Hair Guide

    Are you trying to find out how to look after naturally curly hair? It's quite a daunting task, especially when most supermarkets are full of products that are no good for curls! Even the products labelled "for curly hair" sometimes have sulphates, drying alcohols and other harmful ingredients. Click here for a free guide for curly hair!
  • How to spot poor quality (or fake!) silk

    Genuine Silk can be a life changing addition to your beauty routine. But not all silk is made equal. Read on to find out how to tell if your silk is poor quality - or worse, fake! 
  • How to take care of your silk

    You’ve taken the plunge and bought yourself one of our silk pillowcases - now you need to know how to look after it! But what the heck are all those symbols? Click here to find out!
  • The Benefits of Silk

    Still sleeping on cotton? Girl, wake up, it’s 2020! It’s time to upgrade your cotton pillowcases for something your hair and skin have been craving...
  • The Curly Girl Method - Beginners guide

    So you have been sold on the idea of the Curly Girl Method, but … what now? There are so many new terms and steps and products to remember. Follow our simple guide to start you on your curly girl journey!