The Curly Girl Method - Beginners guide

The Curly Girl Method - Beginners guide

So you have been sold on the idea of the Curly Girl Method, but … what now? There are so many new terms and steps and products to remember. Follow our simple guide to start you on your curly girl journey!

What is the curly girl method?

The curly girl method is a process of hair care developed by Lorraine Massey for girls with curly hair. Curly hair is a whole other kettle of fish to straight hair. Unfortunately, most supermarkets and drug stores have hair products that are harmful for curly hair. Things like parabens, silicones and sulphates are on the no-no list for curly hair. As is, shampoo - which tends to dry the roots and using heat styling - as it is damaging. So now that you know what to avoid, here is a list of items you may like to start with to get your curls curling right!

Find a good co-wash

Co-washing is when you use just conditioner to wash your hair (no shampoo). It is important to find a co-wash product that has the ability to clean your hair while it conditions. When you skip the shampoo and use co-wash instead, your hair will be softer, shinier and easier to detangle.

Here’s one of our favourite co-washes:

A’kin Daily Shine Avocado & Calendula

Use a silk pillowcase - but not just any silk pillowcase.

Silk pillowcases come in all different shapes, sizes and quality. It is true that silk pillowcases do wonders for all hair types - especially curly hair. Cotton pillowcases sap up all your hair’s moisture, leaving your scalp dry. Silk minimises frizz, breakage and promotes moisture retention - what curls need. However, when choosing a silk pillowcase, you must know that not all are made equally. The weight of silk is measured in momme. Don’t waste your money on any silk that is 19 momme, or 22 momme. It is not strong enough to see long term results. Silk pillowcases made from 27 momme may get too hot in the night as they weight is heavier and thicker. 25 momme silk pillowcases are just right. They are strong enough to be durable and provide you with all the benefits of silk, however they will not get too hot on your head at night. That is why at Silkit, we only use 25 momme silk for all our pillowcases.

Stop using a normal towel - microfiber is the way to go

Standard towels cause friction and frizz to hair. Instead, use a microfiber towel for your tresses. When stepping out of the shower, gently scrunch your hair in your microfiber towel and wear it like a turban before air drying. Microfiber towels prevent frizz and breakage and will help strengthen your natural curl pattern.

Find a curly girl friendly styling cream

Just because a product says “for curly hair” on its bottle, doesn’t mean it is curly girl friendly. That is why it is extremely important to check the ingredients before purchasing to make sure those nasty chemicals are not present. After your have washed your hair, you will need to style your curls to keep them curly all day long. Look for a cream or a mousse that passes the curly girl test. Here is one of our favourites:

RPR Hair Care - Make me Curly 

Stop using bad hair ties

Tight, rigid and poor quality hair ties have damaging effects on curly hair. I’m sure you have experienced hair breakage many a time when using cheap wirey hair ties - not to mention the headache they cause! Hair ties are an important hair care tool and should not be forgotten. They key is finding the right one. Trade your sad hair ties for some Silkit Silk scrunchies. They come in two sizes, oversized and small. Silkit Scrunchies are strong yet gentle on the hair, prevent breakage and look so stinkin’ cute!

Use leave-in conditioner or a hair mask

After co-washing, it is a good time to use a hair mask or leave in conditioner. This will help your hair retain moisture and give your curls that hydrated, healthy look. We love Garnier Fructis Banana Hair Food. This product can do conditioning, leave in conditioner and hair masks!

Nourishing Banana Hair Food

Use a wide tooth comb

Don’t ever brush your curls when they are dry! Brushing is only for the shower when your hair is wet. This minimises breakage and damage to your roots. Use a wide tooth comb like this one to separate curls and detangle knots.



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