5 reasons why you should use a silk pillowcase

5 reasons why you should use a silk pillowcase

Do you wake up with your hair in a tangled mess? Do you often experience hair breakage and frizz? Are you trying to level up your skincare game? Then you need a silk pillowcase. Here's why they are a must have for your beauty routine. 

1. Silk keeps skin hydrated

Unlike cotton, silk will not soak up your natural oils or your skincare treatments. This means your moisturisers and serums will stay on your skin. The result? Smooth, hydrated, supple skin! On the other hand, cotton pillowcases tend to absorb moisture, meaning you will wake up with dry skin. 

2. Silk helps prevent acne

As silk is one of the softest fabrics in the world, it prevents skin breakouts and irritation. Studies have shown that sleeping on silk prevents blemishes from forming, as silk repels moisture and oils that contribute to acne. 

3. Silk is naturally hypoallergenic

Silk is great for those who suffer from sensitive or itchy skin. It is hypoallergenic and repels dust mites commonly found in our beds. Silk resists the growth of nasty mould, fungi and bacteria. It is hygienic and excellent for people with allergies.

4. Silk's smooth texture prevents frizz and breakage

Due to its smooth surface, silk is great for haircare. Silk doesn't cause friction, which means your hair won't get frizzy or tangled no matter how much you move around at night. It's smooth texture means that it won't tug on your hair, like cotton does, resulting in less breakage. 

5. Silk pillowcases reduce wrinkles 

Silk has been proven to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Due to its smooth texture, your skin glides across the surface of the fabric. On the other hand, cotton pillowcases tug and drag on the skin, causing friction. This can exacerbate  the occurrence of wrinkles and ageing skin. 

The bottom line

It's important to remember these things when buying a silk pillowcase. 

1. Make sure that the silk is 100% Mulberry Silk.

2. Check the 'momme' of the silk. The momme refers to the weight of the silk; the higher the momme, the thicker the silk and the better the quality for sleeping. Look for silk pillowcases that are 25 momme, as they are optimal for sleeping, durable, and provide maximum beauty benefits. 

3. Check that the pillowcase is double sided silk, as some brands sell one side silk, one side cotton. There are also many cheap knock offs out there - pretending to be silk when in fact they are polyester satin. 

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