The Benefits of Silk

The Benefits of Silk

Still sleeping on cotton? Girl, wake up, it’s 2020! It’s time to upgrade your cotton pillowcases for something your hair and skin have been craving - Silk! Silk has an array of health and beauty benefits, so read on if you want to wake up with clear skin and shiny, beautiful hair!

At Silkit, we only use 100% Mulberry Silk, with a weight of 25 momme (the best silk weight for sleeping) and coloured using non-toxic dyes. This ensures that you receive all the health and beauty benefits silk is famous for. Not convinced? Silkit offer a 30-day money back guarantee so you can sleep with ease!

Benefits of a Silkit Silk Pillowcase:

Clear skin

We spend around 8 hours a day in bed, with our face on a pillow. Using a Silkit 100% Mulberry Silk Pillowcase weighted at 25 momme, can help prevent breakouts and skin irritation, and even the spread of germs during your sleep. Studies have shown that sleeping on a silk pillowcase can soothe sensitive skin, and is far better for acne prone skin than a regular cotton pillowcase.

Frizz-free Hair, Split Ends Be Gone!

Have you ever gone to bed with perfectly blow dried hair only to wake up looking like there’s a bird nest on top of your head? There’s nothing worse than using expensive shampoos, conditioners and hair products to then go to sleep on a cotton pillowcase. Cotton pulls your hair due to friction, causing breakage, split ends and frizz. This can be a thing of the past when using our silk pillowcases! Our 100% Mulberry Silk is so smooth, your locks will simply glide across the pillow during your slumber. The smoothing effect of silk will prevent split ends, flyaways and frizz.

Stay Cool and Comfortable

Are you one of those people that are constantly flipping the pillow at night to get the cool side because you are too hot? In order for us to sleep, conditions have to be comfortable, and that means the temperature has to be just right. Our 100% Mulberry Silk pillowcases are weighted at 25 momme, which perfectly regulates heat, feeling cool to the touch throughout the night.

Prevent the Signs of Ageing

Compared to silk, cotton is a rougher material that rubs against your skin, causing irritation and wrinkles. Since silk is so smooth, your skin slides on the pillowcase rather than tugs, helping to prevent the occurrence of wrinkles and other signs of ageing skin.

Silk's hygienic power 🌸⁣

🤔 What do asthma, hay fever, eczema, skin irritations and allergies have in common? Their symptoms can all be triggered by the common dust mite, whose favourite place to hang out, is in your old cotton sheets and pillowcases! 😱⁣

Silk pillowcases are a great way to maintain hygiene and cleanliness in your bed while you sleep! ⁣Silk repels nasty bed bugs like dust mites. A natural protein found in our silk called sericin naturally deters dust mites and other microscopic pests. ⁣Silk prevents the growth of mould and fungi (again, due to these natural proteins). Silkit uses only pure mulberry silk. Often, it is the chemicals added in the manufacturing process (to soften or dye the material) that irritates our skin.

Our silk, however, is manufactured with plain old steam, water and heat - free from nasty chemicals or softeners. Silk is so soft and strong, that no other chemicals are needed. ⁣Silk is made with long, smooth strands that do not rub, snag or irritate the skin. The material simply glides across the skin, and users can expect a soothing, cool touch. ⁣Silkit uses only OEKO certified materials to ensure that the strictest manufacturing guidelines are followed in the production of all our products. ⁣

So there you have it, comfortable, cozy and hypoallergenic! 💕🙌🌸

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